The top 25 benefits of SEO

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What is Seo

The full form of Seo is a “search engine optimization”.

It refers to optimizing a website to rank it on the first page of any search engine.

Seo involves solving user’s or consumer’s queries by providing the most relevant solution to their problem.

Every Search engine has its own algorithm for ranking a website.

Google considers 200 ranking factors before ranking a particular page on top of the organic result.

Benefits of Seo are:

Seo brings quality traffic

It brings quality traffic because the people who are actually interested in your product and service search for a business like yours based on their needs and become your customer.

Increase brand awareness

The biggest part of SEO is content which solves the problems of customers.

And with seo optimized content your potential customers saw you on first page of google.

It results in brand awareness.

Seo gives consistent results

When you put your money into paid advertising it gives you results till you are spending money on advertising,

But SEO gives you results till you are continuously solving queries of your customer and optimizing your web pages according to the intent of your customer.

Seo builds trust and credibility

If you are producing great content and engaging customer at top of the funnel and providing them with relevant information at each stage of the funnel it helps in building trust and present you as a market leader in front of your audience.

Building trust is the biggest advantage of SEO in the era where people are bombarded with ads.

For Example; is ranking on the first page of google for every query related to search engine optimization

and it makes backlinko word’s most trusted source of learning SEO.

Seo helps in generating warm leads

One of the important benefit of Seo is generation of  quality leads.

Seo helps in generating warm leads because if a consumer is looking for the solution to their particular problem and they become habitual of your brand for finding a solution to the problems they have they easily provide their information to you.

If you have a product that solves consumer problems then chances of converting these leads will increase.

Seo improves PPC campaign performance

When you build trust in the market with your SEO efforts and increase brand awareness then you can retarget your customer with a PPC campaign and customers will easily click on your advertisement and make a purchase.

For Example: If someone is searching about “what to wear in monsoon” and you write a huge blog post about different types of clothes to wear in monsoon which is ranking on the first page of Google and the reader of the blog find it helpful.

If you also show the ads about your winter wear products it increases the chances that customer makes a purchase from you.

Seo is a key to online visibility

It is a key to your brand online visibility because if you are making consistent efforts to be on the first page of google then you are visible to your target audience continuously with paid ads you might be not able to spend money for ranking you on the first page of search engine result page.

Helps in optimizing user experience

User experience is one of the main factors that are considered by the search engine for ranking particular webpage and Google is making its algorithm too smart day by day to find out the website is good enough or not.

If your site is taking too much time to load, your content is not readable, you don’t optimize your website for mobile then it will result in a high bounce rate and it will affect your profit.

Seo benefits in improving the user experience through on-page and technical Seo.

Improves conversion rate

A highly SEO optimized, mobile-friendly, easy to use website increases customer experience and it helps in converting visitors of the website into customers.

Helps new customers in finding your business:

If anyone has problems related to your product then they will find your business during their online search journey.

Apart from that if someone searching for any product locally then you can also gain customers through local seo.

For Example: If a tourist comes to your city and he is looking for a hotel online then there is a chance that if you have done local SEO right then he will book your hotel for a night.

It attracts mobile users:

According to, 90 percent of the world population use a mobile device for browsing the internet and a website optimized for the mobile attract more mobile users.

Seo Improves security of website:

Security of the website is an SEO factor considered by the search engines for the ranking of the website. 

By installing an SSL certificate you can make your website secure and it helps the consumer feel secure while browsing your website.

Organic results receive more clicks than paid results:

Organics Seo listing receives more clicks because people believe more in organic results because of their trust in google.

Customers are tired of seeing advertising all over the internet.

It takes you ahead of your competitor:

A solid Seo strategy back by informative content build your authority in the market and take you ahead of your competitor.

Seo is a long term Strategy

Search engine optimization ranking takes time but when you increase your authority then decline in your ranking also takes a long time but you need to cope up with the latest search engine algorithm.

Seo benefits your business in the long term.

Seo helps in attracting local customers

When a local customer doing research about a particular product and they found a local shop on search results they are willing to make a purchase from a local store by visiting a local store.

Seo is measurable:

The most important Seo benefit is that Seo is measurable.

The tools like google analytics and search console will help you to measure the following:

  • How much traffic are you getting from search results?
  • What are the keywords for your site is ranking or declining in the ranking of your keyword?
  • Pages that attract most of the organic traffic.
  • No. of backlinks
  • Conversion of a particular goal.

Seo makes your customer educate

Search engine optimization makes your customer educated through content marketing.

Educated customer takes quick purchase decisions.

Seo is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy

It is the backbone of the online marketing strategy because the traffic from SEO is the actual customer who is looking for a product or service to solve their problem.

SEO engages the customer in starting their journey and follow them to a point where you can attract them with other digital marketing channels like paid ads.

It also helps in building your following on social media and it also helps you in increasing your email list.

Seo helps in improving your product and Service

It decreases the cost of your advertising by providing consistent organic traffic.

You can spend this money on improving your product and Service.

Seo benefits in the growth of small business

One of the best advantage of Seo is it can help smaller business to grow their business and capture marketer share because companies which huge funds will rely more on paid advertising than organic traffic.

Seo leads to integrated digital marketing

All the other channels of digital marketing will contribute to SEO in some way.

For Example: Boosting your Blog post through Social media will give search engines a signal that you are popular among your audience.

You can retarget your organic traffic with paid ads and derive sales.

Seo builds relationships with customers

Seo helps you in solving the problems of your customer with your content and products it builds a feeling of belongingness in heart of the customers.

It gives you competitive advantage over your competitor.

Helps in the international expansion of business

You can target international customers with SEO and generate international leads which become your future customers.

Helps in building a better buyer persona

Seo tools provide you all the data of your website visitors like which helps you in building your buyer persona.

Some of the data are provided by SEO tools:

  • device they are using,
  • their age,
  • Country from they are searching about your product.
  • what are the queries they are searching about and many more things

Conclusion of benefits of Seo

Seo is a very vast and dynamic field.

The benefits of good SEO are unlimited.

If you are investing in Seo or doing it yourself then you are on the right track of growing your business.

You are ready to invest in SEO with any agency or thinking about doing it by your self then let me know in the comment box.


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