What is Directory Submission in SEO

Directory Submission is submitting your business website to a specific niche website also known as web directories.

Directory submission is the part of off-page SEO technique.

Every web directory has its own rules and regulation for the submission of a website.

Directory submission is used to build backlinks for the website. While building backlinks with web directories you need to be careful in choosing the directory because a spammy website leads to a fall in the ranking of the website.

Benefits of Directory submission

  • Faster indexing: It helps web crawlers in finding link of your website fast from a directory submission site.
  • Brand Awareness: It helps in brand awareness by promoting your website in front of the local audience.
  • Increase Domain authority: Submitting your website to high DA websites will increase the domain authority of your website.
  • Increase website traffic: You get traffic of web directories on your business profile.
  • Backlink building: Submitting your website to business directories count as a backlink.
  • Increase Page Rank: link from quality web directories pass authority to your website and its results in higher page ranking.
  • Free: Listing your business website on most of the popular website directories is free.
  • Lead generation: Targeted traffic from niche-specific websites helps in the generation of high-quality leads.
  • Boost Local Seo: Listing your business on local business directories boosts your local SEO.

Types of directory submission

  • Paid directory submission: In this method, you need to pay some amount of money for the approval of your link on the web directory. In this method, you will get instant approval or under 24-48 hours.
  • Free directory submission: It is the method in which you don’t need to pay any money for submitting your website but it takes a lot of time in the approval of your website link.
  • Reciprocal listing method: In this method, you need to give the link to a web directory and in exchange, they give approval to your link.
  •  Automatic directory submission: Using software in the submission of your business website.
  • Do-follow directory submissions: Do follow directory submission pass authority to the website and help in the ranking of the website.
  • No-follow directory submission: No-follow directory submission does not pass any authority to the web page but it counts as a link.
  • Niche directory submission: It refers to the submission of the website to a specific category of web directories.

How to do directory submission

  • Make the list of all the web directories in a google sheet or excel sheet with all the details such as their website link, email address, website author name, Domain authority, etc.
  • Start visiting the web directories one by one and read their terms and condition.
  • Choose the relevant category and choose the sub-category to narrow down your niche.
  • Fill in all the necessary details which are asked by the website owner.
  • Rinse and repeat the same process for every web directory.

Does Directory submission still Works

Directory submission is still an important part of off-page SEO activities but you need to do it in the right way. A link from low quality, irrelevant and spammy website results decrease in search traffic.

Things to take care:

Relevance: Alway submit your website directories that are relevant to your niche. If you submit your website on irrelevant web directories your customers are not able to find your business.

Variety: Create a link-building strategy that includes diversification of link profile. Create an appealing title and use short-tail and long-tail keywords that are relevant to directories.

A diverse link profile helps marketers to tap into new markets which are untapped by their competitors.

Directory Quality: All directories are not qualified directories, always choose a website that is index by crawlers of search engines.

You can also go for paid directory submission sites in your niche it will make the whole process faster and accurate.

Google and other major search engines hate links from low-quality websites.

Schedule your submission: Creating a schedule for your website will help in building links naturally.

You can also find out if your submission has negative effect on your Seo rankings.

Do’s and Don’t of the Web directory submission

The following points are taken into consideration while performing directory submission:

  • Always submit your article on websites that are relevant to your niche and industry.
  • Choose the appropriate category and sub-category for your content.
  • Write an appropriate title put the keywords to get better ranking for relevant keywords.
  • Make sure each and every detail such as name,URL, description, and content title is correct.
  • Do not exchange links with directories lots of directories links abd banners on your site result in low SEO scores.
  • Be aware of spammy sites.
  • Always remember google algorithm about link building.


Directory submission sites list

Two major types of directory submission sites are:

Business Directory Submission Websites

Google My Business: Google My Business is one of the biggest business directories in the world. It is used to show information about Your business such as Name of business, Address, Phone number, Opening and Closing hours, Category, and Reviews of your business.

Google My Business helps the local users in finding your business through google search and google maps.

Facebook: On Facebook, you can create a Facebook business Page that helps you interact with your audience.

Linkedin: Linkedin business page helps you to generate high-quality BB2 leads through linkdin.

Trip Advisor: If you are in the hospitality industry then the trip advisor is helping you to put your business in front of lakhs of customers.

Binge Places: Binge is similar to google my business. It is the second most popular search engine in America

Yelp: It is the most popular site for the reviews of local businesses.

Just Dial: Just Dial has listed business across all niches.

Article Submission Websites

  • It is one of the best website for the promotion of article and marketing-related activities.
  • Github: It is also a good article submission site but you need an audience for using this site.
  • Tumblr: It is used to create microblogs in minimum time.
  • Medium: You can publish your existing content or produce original content to publish on medium. It is one of the most popular website for article submission.
  • Quora: On quora, you can submit your article by giving answers to the queries of the users.

check this post to find out low spam directories list from bloogerpassion.



Increasing Website organic traffic is one of the important parts of any digital marketing strategy and off-page Seo plays a crucial role in increasing organic traffic of the website through Seo.

Directory submission is part of OFF-page Seo and you do it correctly  then it will give a boost to organic traffic but if you don’t do it correctly then it has a negative impact on your organic traffic.

I hope this post helps you in understanding what is directory submission in SEO is.

If you have any questions please comment and if you are ready to implement it then also let me know in the comments.


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